Alexandra Yacht Club
Founded 1906

Club Information

As a member of a reciprocal club, you are welcome to stay free for two nights. Please sign the visitor's log in the lounge on the main floor.

On weekends, the Officer of the Day will be glad to help you. A dock may be available if one of our members is away on a cruise. If you can't find the Officer of the day, the Mooring Master (Rear Commodore) or one of the Board members can usually be identified by one of the club members.

Due to limited space, rafting is mandatory on the front wall, if requested. Please do not block the area under the crane painted yellow. This area is reserved for emergencies or pump out.

Pump out is available to visitors with the assistance of a club member.

A computer connected to the internet is available to any visitor in the clubhouse on the ground floor just as you go in from the docks.

Wi-Fi, reaching all docks, is also available to visitors - just ask the OD, or any member, for the password. Connect to 'AYC' and select WPA security, and enter the password.