Alexandra Yacht Club
Founded 1906

SATW France 2022 (Don Williams)

AYC Cleanup Day 2021 (Don Williams)

AYC Launch 2021 (Don Williams)

Yvonne Brioux Celebration 2019

Spring Launch 2018

Antsie Launch 2016

AYC 2014

Directed by Sandy Murray

Tall Ships 2013

Footage taken by Sandy Murray

Sailpast 2012 Video

Footage taken by Charles Haggart:

Sailing 2010

Tribute to Doug Hurlbut, video thanks to Sandy Murray.

Graeme McCreesh Video

Graeme had the opportunity to make this video of AYC:

A Race Night at the Old Club

Sandy Murray had this footage of racing at the club, around 1986, when it was situated at the old location on Stadium Road.

Archive Footage by Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan was Commodore of AYC in the year 1921. He had some film footage taken by a cinematographer and these have been in a box in the AYC clubhouse for some time. Charles Haggart had the footage converted to a DVD and these are now available as streaming videos for the web so members can watch them at their convenience. The films are going to be given to the City of Toronto Archives.
Note: there is no audio on these clips.