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Sundance Caribbean Adventures (Dec 21, 2012) - Dave Tuninga

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As I write this it is raining it has been raining since last night but it is still hot just more sticky than normal hot. We, Bosun, Julia and Sundance, are anchored in Hog island south east coast of Grenada behind about 3 reefs surrounded by hills of flowers, cactus and the odd coconut palm and banana tree just to keep it real. Julia has been experiencing Grenada from a cruisers perspective riding the buses, foraging for food and connecting with the rest of the folks. Every morning 730 on channel 66a the cruisers net is live with weather, announcements, social events and where to get help with your water maker, generator, toilet pump, etc……. We learned where to play cricket, catch the shopping bus, where watch free movies concerts at the bars and on the water in the form of dingy raft concert. Also discussed is what bar has happy hour and food specials for that day and every day of the week in case you are planning ahead. Me, I have to write the day down to know what day it is. Everything that makes the yachties as we are called by the Grenadians happy and busy is on the net and if that is not enough it all gets logged in the Grenadian Cruiser Net Face book page.
SV Sundance

How do you get here well you pull the plug on every aspect of the Toronto experience go to Value village buy the biggest POS (aka piece of Sh_t) suitcase and move your world south 5000 miles. Try it sometime you might like it.

Nov 23, 2012 - Spice Island Marine Boat Yard

Sundance, my Bavaria 41, has been stored on the hard since May 2012. It is a little overwhelming when you get on board and look to at what you need to do to light this beast back up. The todo list starts to grow and so does the heat as the sun belts down on the cockpit. We launch in 4 days - yikes. A boatyard in the tropics does not get the benefit of the trades to cool you as when you are anchored out. First turn on the fridge, get beer and water. Also there is a bar outside the main gate called the De Big Fish where one can listen to the shenanigans of what is happening on the inside of the boatyard. Tales of woe and empty wallets make for good place to put a bar.

Here are some things I have experienced in Grenada thus far.

Sundance is located at the Hog Island Anchorage amongst famous facilities such as Rogers Beach bar where the local’s, kids, dogs and cats go to meet, greet and drink. Christmas day for me was at Clarks Court Marina annual pot luck Christmas Dinner which included many side dishes provided by the Yachties (my contribution was 3 cans of Cranberry Sauce since my cooking sucks) and lots of good fun. Christmas eve was spent with AYC club member Grant Walters and his partner Linda as well as their friends Peter and Donna. We had fresh grilled tuna and numerous side dishes served over looking the roaring Atlantic. It was quite the ride in the dingy home through the reefs in the dark with Bowsie keeping watch as we bounced our way home.

SV Sundance

Will start moving the boat up north toward the Grenadines after Christmas at which time various crew will start to arrive for what will be lots of adventures in the Carribean. I wonder what Bosun will do when he meets his first Sea Turtle or tries to swim with a dolphin. Will keep you posted.

Bosun Sundance Julia and I extend to you our best wishes for you to have a HEALTHY safe and fun holiday season as well as a happy old year eve / and a great new year.

Dec 27, 2012 - Sundance Hog island Grenada West Indies

Guests have come for 10 days and we have provisioned and beat our way to Carriacou the first major Island north of Grenada. Tyrrel Bay is a great anchorage as long as there is no north swells from the cold fronts that come off the North American continent. Old year’s eave was at the Lambi Queen which for 50 Ec you get a huge grilled lobster, chicken, conch (lambi) and all the side dishes you could fit on your plate. If you still have room after that you could come back for more. Music provided buy de steel band and any of the musicians in the crowd that wanted to join the band. Well its 3 :) am and 40 beers later it is time to find the dingy and crawl into bed. The best way to spend a hangover is to sit in the shade on a quiet beach and reflect. Right!!!! Time to fire up the diesel and sail to Sandy Island which is protected park off the coast of Carriacou. Isolated and beautiful we spent the day snorkelling with the fish and walking the beach. Bosun spent the day watering the inukshuk statues that people (Canadians) have built to enlighten the world obsession to stack rocks coral shells anything all over the world.

From here it is off to Hillsborough for more provisions, and clear customs out of Grenada. We sail to Frigate Bay Union Island where a walk and a ride in the back of a pickup up truck lands us in Clifton to clear into St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Some one in the night dragged their anchor and all hell broke lose. Lots of yelling banging resulted in a reset anchor and peace. Next stop the infamous Tobago Cays which is lots of fun if you enjoy spending the time with 100 of your best friends in 35 knots winds. Needless to say we dragged our anchor on the smooth coral bottom 4 times and had a long wild night. The lobster was good and after we relocated in the morning the banana bread we ordered from the floating Wall mart boat was spectacular. Oh well off to Petite Martinique for fuel and water then PSV to anchor for the night. No drama like Tobago Cays here. We are off to Union Island and Chatham bay which is a great place to hang out with a large beach to walk the dog and a few small beach bars to end the day at. This will be our last night before we bash our way back to Grenada. Numerous discussions with the pros informed us that the way to go home was to take the windward Atlantic side of Grenada back to Hog Island. Well I guess that is only good when the wind is not blowing 28 knots and the rain squalls 38 knots. Good thing Sundance can take us where we need to go. Maybe next time I will take the leeward Caribbean Sea route. It is 5am and time to take the guests to Woburn Jetty to meet the taxi for the trip to the airport and the flight back to Canada. The only thing left is Bosun, myself, lots of empty bottles and a massive bag of dirty stinky laundry. Oh well it was well worth the effort.

Jan 9, 2013

One day has passed and my next guest AYC club member and house neighbour, god father to Bosun Tuninga, Graeme Mcreash is standing on the Woburn Jetty. Off we go to prep the boat for another adventure. We will be exploring the west coast of Grenada in Sundance this trip and hiking the hills around Hog Island.
SV Sundance

That is all to report for now until my next report when the Shears, Daisleys, the Gardner’s (all of AYC) invade Grenada for a time of informative, interactive, and educational interaction with the culture, cuisine and beer/rum dispensers of Grenada. My next report should be interesting. Pictures are attached to this report.

All the best from Dave, Bosun and Sundance in Grenada WI.