Alexandra Yacht Club
Founded 1906

AYC Policy on Accepting Donated Articles or Cash Gifts from Members

The AYC appreciates the generosity of its membership in wanting to donate various articles to the Club, or to make cash donations towards specific items or projects.

However, in view of the shortage of display and storage space, and the fact that certain articles may be of no immediate interest to the Club, the Board of Directors must approve all donations of items prior to their acceptance. Further, the Board reserves the right to place accepted items in a fund-raising auction or to sell them to parties outside the Club. Any revenues generated from the auction or sale of donated items will be used for Club purposes.

Any donations of historical interest accepted by the Club can be kept in the Club archives but will not necessarily be placed on display.

The Board must also approve donations of cash toward the purchase of specific items for the Club or on behalf of certain projects. The Board reserves this right in order that any facility enhancements, changes to the decor, or acquisition of new items fall within the Club's overall development plans.