Alexandra Yacht Club
Founded 1906

Clubhouse Bookings 2018

Mon, Dec 24 - Private Function
Tue, Dec 25 - Private Function
Fri,   Dec 28 - Private Function
Sun, Dec 30 - Private Function

Clubhouse Bookings 2019

Sat, Jan 19 - Private Function
Sat, Jan 26 - Private Function
Sun, Mar 3 - Private Function (2pm to 6pm)

AYC Club House Facilities for the Exlusive Use of the second floor area ONLY.

Cost: $100 to be submitted with application (electronic transfer to or cheque)

To book the club for a private event please do the following:
- Check the bookings above to make sure the clubhouse is available
- Fill out the form below and submit for your booking
- The House Director will confirm your booking by email
- Download the Application Form, print and sign it as it needed for Indemnification.
  The form can be mailed to the House Director or dropped off at the club.
  The forms are also available at the club.

                   Form provided by Free Contact Form

Click here to download Application Form (jpg)